Joe & The Juice

An innovative concept

Inspired by cafés found in shops and concept stores, Joe & The Juice was born in Copenhagen. Located on the 2nd floor of the Coupole store, the concept offers a wide range of fresh, healthy and environmentally-friendly products: fresh fruit and vegetable juices, sandwiches and bowls, homemade cakes and a wide selection of coffees.

For Kaspar Basse, the founder of Joe & The Juice, success depends not just on the brand but on the culture and people behind it. Joe & The Juice is much more than a juice bar, café or sandwich shop concept, it’s a large family of enthusiasts all over the world. The concept is now established in some of the world’s biggest metropolises, including France, the United States, Singapore and South Korea.

Joe & The Juice does everything it can to reduce its environmental impact. In each shop, the napkins are made from recycled paper, the straws from paper, the cutlery from wood and the cups are reusable. In a few years’ time, the aim is to offer straws and cups made from sugar cane, a recyclable and 100% organic material.

The specialities:

Among the many fresh fruit and vegetable juices on offer from Joe & The Juice, the ‘Joes Green Mile’ made with apple, spinach, avocado, broccoli and lemon is the café’s signature drink. For fans of spicy juices, the ‘Herb Tonic’ drink is ideal, with apple, ginger, turmeric, pineapple and red pepper.

Coupole Store – 2nd Floor