Café Coutume

Head to the 3rd floor of the Coupole store to enjoy a coffee while admiring the Coupole. Coutume takes an ethical and eco-responsible approach to promoting the work of its producers.

One of the best views with a coffee

Since its creation in 2010, the concept of Maison Coutume has been to source, select, roast and reveal the best coffee terroirs in the world. It will therefore be easy to find the most suitable coffee for you. Coutume has a prime location, overhanging the dome of the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.

The savoir-faire of the coffee shop

Coutume teams travel the world to find the best coffee producers. To ensure the maximum freshness and quality, the roasting, is made in there French workshop. After 10 years of experience in search of the perfect extraction in filter or espresso, Coutume now offers you the best of its work around coffee

The baristas at Coutume all share the same passion and ambition: to do everything in their power to ensure that the products on offer are the best possible, so that you can enjoy a coffee that will change the way you experience coffee. Peru, Colombia, Ethiopia or Guatemala, discover the world by savouring a Coutume coffee.

The Coutume specialities

Fall under the spell of the speciality coffee “Pink Bourbon” from Colombia, with its notes of citrus and cardamom, or the “Tabe Burka” from Ethiopia, with its flavours of jasmine, lemongrass and yellow plum, or the certified organic “Manzanilla Décaféiné” from Peru. Each coffee is unique and is chosen according to the season. Follow the advice of Coutume’s baristas to find the perfect coffee, whether sweet, light, comforting or strong.

Coupole store – 3rd floor


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