Pierre Sang Express

Korean-born French chef Pierre Sang is mixing his two cultures and offering his vision of Korean cuisine in his new restaurant Pierre Sang on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet.

The chef

Pierre Sang BOYER, a Franco-Korean chef, likes to combine his Auvergne and Korean cultures in a creative cuisine that is full of flavour. A finalist in the TV programme Top Chef in 2011, he opened three restaurants in 2012: “Pierre Sang in Oberkampf”, “Pierre Sang on Gambey” in 2014 and “Pierre Sang Signature” in 2017.

His cuisine reflects his dual DNA. A fervent defender of nature, the chef campaigns against food waste, and advocates local produce, which he sources directly from his home in Auvergne.

The restaurant

On the ground floor of Le Gourmet, the Pierre Sang restaurant stands out under a wrought-iron staircase. The black capsule has a refined, chic and minimalist style, with black as the main colour, contrasting with the rough wood of the tables, the fabric banquettes and the white terrazzo floor. A gentle setting that echoes the hallmarks of chef Pierre Sang Boyer’s other restaurants.

What’s more, the restaurant has a black-clad terrace, perfect for enjoying a seasonal bibimbap.

The menu

Bibimbap, a Korean speciality, has pride of place, with three possible variations, also available as a formula.

Made with a base of mixed rice, quinoa and green Puy lentils, with mushrooms, seasonal salad and a poached egg accompanied by Pierre Sang’s signature Ssamjang sauce…. Sweet and sour minced beef for the Bulgogi beef bibimbap, or the seafood option with smoked salmon seasoned with a homemade piquillo sauce. For veggies, try the vegetarian curry bibimbap.

An offer to enjoy on the spot or to take away.

Home and Gourmet Store – Ground Floor