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Confectioner and Chocolatier Boissier is a historic name, which still today perpetuates the unique expertise of Bélissaire Boissier, who once introduced his now legendary creations to the well-to-do in Paris.

Bélissaire Boissier was the ingenious confectioner who invented the now famous “candy ball” (“bonbon boule”) as well as had the inimitable idea of glazing chestnuts, which led to the first ever “Marron Glacé” recipe.

“It is thanks to Boissier my dear doves, that we fall happily at your feet, for the strong we conquer with bombs and the weak we conquer with sweets”
                                                                                                              Victor Hugo



 The Candied Chestnut of Naples: A candied chestnut coated in a fine glaze with a subtle vanilla flavour. 

The Candied Chestnut of Turin: The Turin chestnut is naturally less dry and softer in texture. Its candy coating therefore contains less vanilla, for a stronger chestnut flavour.

 The Candied Chestnut of Ardèche: It is as though the Ardèche chestnut is candy steamed. It is glucose-free and very low in vanilla and
sugar, so the chestnut flavour comes through fully.




Miniature pillow-shaped sweets made from layered sugar and filled with fruit pulp. Assorted flavours of apricot, apple, raspberry, blackcurrant and cherry.

Les Froufrous are both crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth!







Boissier draws on its finesse and creativity
in making its delicate chocolate petals flavoured with flower and fruit aromas.

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