La Marche du Temps – Repair your watches and jewellery

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann offers the services of La Marche du Temps to repair your watches and jewellery. Our watch experts will look after the repair and maintenance of your most beautiful pieces.

Have your watch and jewellery repaired at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

Located on the ground floor of the Lafayette Coupole at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, La Marche du Temps is a comprehensive service that brings together expert watchmakers to maintain your watches and jewellery. These experts, who are approved by the leading brands, will examine the object in question in detail before making a complete, precise diagnosis, whether it’s a prestigious watch, a more elaborate contemporary timepiece or your most beautiful jewellery.

Range of repair services

Whether it’s a pocket watch or automatic, mechanical and high-tech, every style needs a regular, thorough check-up. The repair experts at La Marche du Temps perform a detailed examination of your most precious timepieces using special tools for a meticulous inspection and repair. La Marche du Temps offers a wide range of services, from simple jewellery inspection to watch repair, including changing batteries and cases, sizing watch straps and repairing engraving, seals and clasps.

For your most precious jewels, La Marche du Temps offers repair services and can even bring back their shine. Maintaining gold and silver jewellery with delicate and non-abrasive products, and designing and making jewellery are just some of the services offered at La Marche du Temps to enhance your most beautiful pieces. 

You’ll find La Marche du Temps on the ground floor of the Lafayette Coupole, between the Chanel and Louis Vuitton corners, just above the stairs on your left.

La Marche du Temps watch and jewellery repair service
Phone: 01 42 80 01 57
Ground floor of the Lafayette Coupole

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