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Special breads, tasty pastries and exceptional desserts, discover the artisans pastry makers at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and their finest sweet sensations.

Gourmet pastry chefs

Whether you love savoury foods or you have a sweet tooth, Paris is a gourmet paradise. The City of Lights is full of establishments where talented sugar specialists are at work, and it’s a fact that you can’t find such delights anywhere else in the world! To indulge in a little treat, a Parisian landmark brings together the greatest names in pastry: the Gourmet department at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. 

Pierre Hermé

The worthy heir of four generations of Alsatian pastry chefs, Pierre Hermé shakes up the taste buds of the greatest gourmets. While the Picasso of pastries has built his success around his macarons (which he creates each season in increasingly unusual flavours), the best pastry chef in the world in 2016 also offers a whole array of exquisitely tasty treats: Ispahan macaron, Infiniment Vanille tart, 2000 Feuilles praline puff pastry, Plaisir Sucré dacquoise biscuit… To indulge in the creations of this world-renowned chef, visit the ground floor of the Gourmet department shop.

Philippe Conticini

Freshly settled in the Gourmet department, Philippe Conticini’s counter features all his signature creations: gateaux de voyage (‘travel cakes’), cannelés, maxi millefeuille and chocolate éclair, not to mention his incredible Paris-Brest with a flowing praline heart in the centre.

Considered by his peers to be one of the major figures in French gastronomy, the pastry chef offers his pure, well-crafted creations under a label that perfectly reflects his culinary personality: ‘Philippe Conticini, Gâteaux & Pains d’émotions’ (Cakes & Breads with Feeling).

Yann Couvreur

A rising star in pastry for the past several years, Yann Couvreur has been located at the entrance of the Gourmet department since 2018. In addition to the Merveilles Praliné, Iranian pistachio tarts, Paris-Brest and chocolate éclairs, you can also discover his signature creation: the flan with blue vanilla from Reunion Island. The pastry chef also offers classic baked goods such as croissants, pains au chocolat, kouglofs (Alsatian cakes), bressanes and chouquettes à la vanille (pastry puffs).

Chez Meunier

A bread lover since childhood, Thierry Meunier offers a wide variety of breads made from organic and local flours in his corner. For those with a sweet tooth, in addition to his savoury range of quiches and sandwiches, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award winner also offers house-made sweet treats, which change with the seasons. In the display case, you can admire the plethora of soft brownies, pistachio or chocolate babkas, raspberry financiers and fondants au chocolat cakes. Choosing is the hardest part!

Jean Paul Hévin

After earning his stripes at a very young age alongside Joël Robuchon, Jean-Paul Hévin continued on his journey, winning no less than eight major pastry and chocolate competitions in the process. Like all his work, Jean-Paul Hévin’s pastry is essentially dedicated to chocolate, despite the presence of macarons and a few cakes and fruit tarts on the menu. His products are presented in three distinct lines with a strong character: the ‘Right Bank, revisited classics’ collection, ‘Left Bank, original creations’, and the ‘travel cakes’ collection, which has an international flair.

Christophe Adam

An avid fan of sweet snacks, in 2012 Christophe Adam launched L’Éclair de Génie, a concept entirely devoted to éclairs, his signature creation, which he perfects like no other.

The undisputed pastry icon offers them in every flavour, even the most unusual! Mango-passionfruit, strawberry-pistachio, yuzu lemon-coconut marshmallow, raspberry-litchi… He crafts the desserts with great finesse and elegance in his Parisian laboratories to offer a unique experience, full of colour and flavour.

David Wesmaël

Creator, ice cream maker, pastry chef, David Wesmaël uses his expertise to bring pleasure and taste. Meilleur Ouvrier de France ice cream maker and World Pastry Champion, the chef is always striving for excellence in flavours and great technical mastery.

With the creation of Glacerie Paris, David Wesmaël offers ice creams and sorbets made with natural ingredients and churned by hand. From frozen desserts to ice cream tubes, chocolate bars and even desserts to assemble, find all the Glacerie Paris creations at Galeries Lafayette.

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