Selection I The best teas

Snuggled up at home under a soft blanket with a good cup of tea has to be the best way to spend a rainy lockdown weekend indoors. For tea lovers wanting to explore some exceptional teas, Le Gourmet at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann has hundreds of varieties to choose from. White, black or green, there is something for everyone.

Mariages Frères

Founded in Paris in 1854, Mariages Frères is none other than the premier luxury tea company in the world. Synonymous with sophistication and refinement, it embodies the prestige and art of French living with an influence that stretches far beyond its own borders. Today, the brand has over 500 varieties of tea from all around the world: First flush Darjeeling, white tea from Scotland, blue tea from China, grands crus and more. Unique recipes guarded as secret since their first creation and which bring delight to tea connoisseurs around the globe.

Available from the brand’s corner on the ground floor of the Le Gourmet store

Kusmi Tea

A meeting point for flavours, cultures and colours, Kusmi Tea has always embodied the beauty of blending. Founded by Pavel Mikhaïlovitch Kousmichoff in 1867, the Russian-origin tea company simultaneously cultivates modernity and tradition through its must-have wellbeing creations, its selection of classics and its legendary recipes, which today have become iconic. The brand’s bestsellers include: Prince Wladimir, Anastasia, Saint Petersburg and Alain Ducasse’s white tea, which is presented in a magnificent raised pattern box. 

On the lower floor of Le Gourmet, in the luxury food department

Dammann Frères

A veritable pioneer in the world of luxury tea, Dammann Frères provide high quality teas and infusions, which are incredibly delicate. Since its inception, the company has strived to highlight the most diverse tastes possible, to satisfy the most discerning of palates: citrus, flowery, exotic fruits, rooibos, spiced, woody, mints…The brand’s must-haves remain Bali, Passion de Fleurs, Douchka and Mélange Vénitien.  

On the lower floor of Le Gourmet, in the luxury food department

Palais des Thés

With its teas sourced from China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka, Palais des Thés takes us back to the origin of tea, presenting it as a genuine lifestyle.
Besides its vast selection of flavoured teas and organic infusions, its “grands crus” line is where its true excellence lies, attracting the most experienced connoisseurs.

On the lower floor of Le Gourmet, in the luxury food department


Whittard of Chelsea

A key player in the tea world, Whittard of Chelsea offers an incredible selection of bewitchingly named and flavoured beverages…Its delicate, unique creations are available in flavours which are quite simply incredible! Enclosed in the very prettiest, classic English style tins, this tea house will add a distinctly British touch to your tea time! This brand stands out by the way in which it takes such inspiration from the different times of the year, proposing a new selection of teas and infusions with every changing season.

On the lower floor of Le Gourmet, in the luxury food department

For those of you who would love to learn more about tea, this year the top tea houses have launched a range of innovative and originaladvent calendars filled with their flagship varietiesDammann Frères, Kusmi Tea, Thé de la Pagode, Whittard of Chelsea and Palais des Thés have joined in too, offering incredible gift boxes, perfect for giving at Christmas