The August Woman

As the end of the holidays is right around the corner, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann offers 
a selection of the coolest brands to be seen this autumn. 


Roseanna is a French ready-to-wear brand of accessories and shoes based in Paris. Under the artistic direction of its founder, Anne-Fleur Broudehoux, the collections are constantly changing for a comprehensive wardrobe reflecting freedom, with no constraints and firmly anchored in the present. Each collection is a tribute to a city, a woman, an artist or a film. For the 2019 Fall-Winter collection, the designer was inspired by the first man on the moon and the King of Pop. A collection swept by winds of freedom and extravagance. The Roseanna woman cultivates her own style, enjoying combining corduroy and embroidered silk, sequins and tartan. She wears white lace and citrus colours in the midst of winter.

Main Store – 2nd floor.


forte_forte seeks to erase the distance between clothing and the person wearing it, focusing instead on emotions and sensations. Emotional authenticity defines the project stemming from the complicity of a sister and brother, Giada and Paolo Forte. The collections change over the years. They currently offer a comprehensive selection that showcases the material – while respecting its character, colour and pure forms, to mold the body without confining it. Any slight imperfection is the mark of sincerity and humanity that characterize the created pieces. forte_forte is an anthology of classical sensitivities, passionate and timeless.

Main Store – 2nd floor.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni launched her brand in 2013: a brand of pop shoes. In just a couple of seasons, the collections grew to become a ready-to-wear brand. The Chiara Ferragni collection, with its authentic leathers and handsewn seams, is a brand 100% Made in Italy*. Known for her emblematic “Flirt” pattern, Chiara Ferragni today presents collections that are both fun and elegant, combining inspired aspects stemming from travel, music and pop culture as well as from the contemporary art world.

Main Store – 2nd floor.




The brand name Tela comes from weaving terminology in which Tela (in Italian) indicates a loosely woven fabric, generally associated with a net-like texture. In addition, in Italian “Tela” is a feminine noun and femininity is also at the heart of the brand. In tailor’s jargon, the term “Tela” designates the first prototype which gives the first impression of what the final piece will look like. The brand itself is feminine and minimalist, enhanced by a great level of detail. 

Main Store – 2nd floor.