The Crossing by Michelin-starred chef Jitin Joshi

New to the 1st floor of Galeries Lafayette le Gourmet, The Crossing by Jitin Joshi takes you on a journey through the comforting cuisine of his native India. Comfortably seated, come and discover the chef's combination of ancestral flavours and innovation.

The Michelin-starred chef Jitin Joshi

Delhi, London to Dubai, chef Jitin Joshi is renowned the world thanks to his talent and his ability to innovate and sublimate the cuisine of his childhood.

Already awarded by a Michelin star at Benares and Gymkhana, two renowned Indian gourmet restaurants in London, the chef chose to set up his Indian bistro, The Crossing, in Paris on the 1st floor of Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet.

The chef takes his inspiration from the history of India who has been an amalgamation of various cultures, religions, food habits and people coming together and also the influences of traders and conquerors who left their mark on the landscape.

«The name is an ode to the complex network of the Indian railways which intertwines and connects one corner to the other and bringing closer – this great diversity of our nation.»

A love story between a chef and the flavours of his home country

A genuine invitation to explore his native land, Jitin Joshi invites us to taste his revisited dishes, such as his Chaat, an emblematic street-food dish for which he creates a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Also worth discovering is Chhena Khandvi, a fresh cheese roll subtly seasoned with a dhokla-based sauce for a sweet, tangy and slightly spicy flavour: the quintessence of Indian cuisine.

Finally, Jitin Joshi revisits the Dal Morabadad and invites us to rediscover the lentil by sublimating it with a clever combination of spicy chutneys and crispy pressed chickpeas, chana jor garam.

The Indian bistro

Rendez-vous in a relaxed and warm atmosphere where the combination of wood and red sublimates wonderfully the Indian inspirations. The Crossing welcomes you every day with a continuous service, on the spot or to take away.

An offer to enjoy on the spot or to take away.

Maison et Gourmet store- 1st floor

Opening Hours
7 days a week (Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 9.30pm and Sunday from 11am to 8pm)
1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

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