The summer suitcase

Summer is coming, bringing with it the urge to chill-out and slow down. That may be so, but that’s not an excuse to let yourself go entirely. Hold it together just enough with the natural materials and summer colours that are settling in for summer at Galeries Lafayette.


Françoise is française
She embodies the iconic essentials of the French woman
Françoise opens a dialogue with modernity
by shaking up the classics
She dares to display a new attitude,
proud of her 70s heritage
Decomplexifying chic, desnobbifying noble
materials with total stylistic freedom
She is a fusion between Italian expertise
and hedonistic French aesthetics
She is natural sophistication united with audacity
Birds of a feather…

Main Store – 1st floor – Dans l’œil des Galeries.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection from Maryam Nassir Zadeh is inspired by her vision of the Mediterranean. Driven by the juxtaposition of town and travel. The collection combines natural objects like shells and glass with the artificial iridescence of industrial materials. Fine silks with woven plastic materials, multi-layered pleated skirts, Maryam Nassir Zadeh works with a wide array of materials and silhouettes. Her combinations are fresh and instinctive, designed for a tribe of spontaneous women. The collection is delicate and laid back, combined with sportswear.

Main Store – 1st floor – Dans l’œil des Galeries.

Johanna Ortiz

Johanna Ortiz travels the world in search of beautiful things. Inspired by the sensuality of South-American women, she designs feminine and festive collections. Her favourite spot is Jean Cocteau’s workshop in Paris. She loves Persian rugs, vintage fabrics, printed drapes, leopard print, leopard print, leopard print… She has developed a passion for collecting textiles, objects and furniture. She is an aesthete who loves beautiful things, a well-educated traveller with a colourful identity.

Main Store – 1st floor – Dans l’œil des Galeries.

Galeries Lafayette & Elise Chalmin

Passionate about patterns and colours, Elise Chalmin studied illustration and visual media at the London College of Communication. There, she began playing around with textures and colours to create unique items of clothing. As part of Happy Summer, Elise Chalmin has collaborated with Galeries Lafayette on the design of a unique T-shirt. 

Main Store – 2nd floor.