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The latest trendy accessories to be on top this summer, it's over here! HEREU, MIZELE and SANS-ARCIDET offer you a combination of fashion and handcrafted products. Find them at the Coupole store.


Hereu is a Mediterranean brand, founded in 2014. Designers José Bartolomé and Albert Escribano find their inspiration in the coastline and rolling hills of Spain.

Paying tribute to Spanish craftsmanship, the brand fuses traditional skills with contemporary edge. By placing sustainability — and durability — at the heart of the manufacturing process, Hereu reduces the environmental impact of its shoes, which are designed to suit Spain’s long, hot summers.


The secret behind the instant success of Grégory and Laëtitia Mizele’s namesake luxury handbag brand created in 2017 is the sibling duo’s shared passion for high-end craftsmanship.

Symbol of the power of craftsmanship, each piece is unique handmade by Turkish craftsmen using large crochet needles. The bags are made from a wide range of materials, including cowhide and lambskin, alpaca, cotton yarn, and cashmere.

The DNA of the brand? Knitted lurex in pop colours!


Founded by three sisters, Sans-Arcidet Paris has become the go-to brand for raffia fashion accessories.

A brand that remains close to its roots, Sans Arcidet brings a unique “French touch” to its designs. Made with raw materials sourced from Madagascar, the brand’s accessories — from baskets to handbags and hats — are elegant and varied, timeless and always contemporary. Sans Arcidet is a brand that’s all about women, expertise, craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing!

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