A French culinary journey with Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

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Paris is a mecca for food and wine lovers! Since 2010, the French gastronomy and the traditions surrounding it have been declared a “world intangible heritage” by UNESCO. At Galeries Lafayette we offer our visitors the complete culinary experience. The journey will take you to multiple food corners, high end patisserie counters and shops where you can seek out the must-have items to bring back home.

Your culinary journey at Galeries Lafayette

The foodies’ heaven and oenophiles’ corner

Lafayette Gourmet is a gourmet food hall where our visitors may enjoy a unique culinary shopping and tasting experience. Whether your taste in French food is sweet or savory, you will find a wide selection of restaurants spread between Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and Gourmet, where you can stop for a break during your shopping day. If you are an early bird, you might want to take the time to enjoy a nice French Breakfast. Here is the place to awaken your taste buds!

In France, food and wine are sacred. Paris was once a glorious wine producer before the art of wine spread across France. France’s major wine-growing regions can be discovered through a wine tasting experience with Duclot La Cave after which you will be able to find all your favorite vintages at La Cave.

Sweet French delights

The best pastry chefs are to be found here and each one of them offers their special and unique sweet delight! If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t possibly exclude traditional French pastries tasting. France is proud of its “patisseries” and at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann the selection is top of the range. Here’s a selection of The top five pastries you need to taste in Paris!

Among the many extraordinary chefs you will encounter, Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous Michelin-starred Chef. His contribution to French Cuisine is invaluable. He owns 23 restaurants which have brought him 19 Michelin stars! Alain Ducasse has its own corner, Chef Alain Ducasse’s chocolates at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet for chocolate lovers!

French cuisine “do it yourself” workshops

French Cooking classes

This is the opportunity to try your hand at French cuisine cooking: register to one of our Ferrandi cooking classes to learn the ins and outs of the most famous French recipes. Ferrandi Paris is the leading culinary school in France and is known for being a reference in terms of Excellency. They have settled at Galeries Lafayette for an exclusive partnership and to unveil some of those secret recipes which are the pride of French gastronomy!

Macaron baking classes

At Galeries Lafayette you can learn how to bake macarons and eat them too! The macaron workshop can be attended with children which makes it a great family activity. You will be guided through your best macaron making by a French pastry Chef. You can take the recipe to use back home or run to Pierre Herme’s macarons’s corner to buy a few… or many!

Bring all those Parisian flavors and cooking expertise back home

The best items and brands of kitchenware are to be found in store. The list of options is exhaustive but many enjoy picking special delicacies that are expensive or difficult to find back home.

Le Creuset has been the undisputed reference for cooking ware for nearly 100 years. Easily recognizable by their colorful and remarkable design, Le Creuset items can be found on the second floor of Galeries Lafayette Maison.

Some of the most French of French delicacies are to be found at Lafayette Gourmet. These are the Gourmet Gifts you can “hide” in your luggage and take back home to add a twist of French to your special dishes!

Good to know! Galeries Lafayette has a delivery service available for its international and national clients.

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