Alexandre de Paris Hair Salon

“Haute Coiffure” is a value inscribed deep into the rich history of Alexandre de Paris, that defines itself not as a hairdresser but as an artisan of French luxury.  

A veritable ode to high end hairdressing and femininity, the Alexandre de Paris salon considers beautiful hair a sacred ritual and one that brings out the beauty in all women. More than just a salon, this is a true Beauty House that harmoniously blends high end hairdressing, luxury treatments, VIP booths and a braid bar.

Conceived by Michel Dervyn, President of Alexandre de Paris, this new space embodies the quintessence of luxury by marrying all the latest fashion trends whilst respecting the codes of the brand. Designed as a magic box that reveals the beauty and modernity of those who enter, the new Alexandre de Paris salon will transport you into a luxury bubble to bring out the beauty in you.

Marble floors, bronze walls accentuated by glossy black, prestige materials, contrasting colours and textures give the space a refined, elegant and ultra-contemporary feel.

Wash, cut & blowdry: €113 
Wash & blowdry: €59 
Wash & blowdry long hair: €69
Inoa colour: €73
Highlights: €107
Treatment: from €23 to €65
Men’s wash, cut & blowdry: €77  

For bookings call +33 (0)1 42 82 07 09.
Open from Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 8.30pm.

On the 2nd floor of Coupole.
alexandre de paris hair salon

Alexandre de Paris - Hair salon

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