Balenciaga The Hacker Projet | The pop-up

Discover The Hacker Project, a Balenciaga line reinterpreting Gucci’s signature pieces in a pop-up shop at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, from 15th November to 5th January 2022.

The Hacker Project is a two-part series launched to coincide with Gucci and Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collections. 

Rather than working together on the project, the two artistic directors have hacked each other, so to speak, taking the ideas and codes of the other and applying them to their own styles. 

In this unique space, explore a fusion of the two brands’ hallmarks across a large selection of leather goods: the double G monogram turns into a double B logo and in Gucci’s iconic tone-on-tone colours is applied onto Balenciaga’s signature cocoon coats and bags encircled with red and green bands – a signature of Gucci accessories…

Coupole store – 1st floor

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