With Christmas just around the corner, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet is inviting everyone to dream by showcasing the expertise of our culinary artisans to celebrate this long-awaited holiday.

Each year, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet’s pastry chefs, chocolatiers, caterers and renowned brands join forces to create an exceptional selection of Christmas logs. With fruit, chocolate and more, these exclusive delights combine all the flavors needed to upgrade to your Christmas dinner this year and to make your Christmas memorable.

Our Gourmet Christmas Logs Selection

Pierre Hermé

Bûche infiniment citron

This stunning all-lemon log by Pierre Hermé is made from shortcrust pastry, whipped cream and lemon jelly, with a moist biscuit and lightly candied lemon pieces. A log that lets the lemon sing.

Maison Philippe Conticini

Bûche cerise-marron

This year, Philippe Conticini’s log has a mischievous touch: the almond biscuit and crunchy Duja mix conceal a chestnut mousse and tangy cherry centre. An exquisite dessert for the festive season!

Yann Couvreur pâtisserie

Bûche mandarine amande

For his Christmas log, Yann Couvreur has opted for a winning combo of almonds and tangerines. This absolutely irresistible log is composed of an almond mousse and an almond biscuit and crisp with a tangerine centre.

L’Éclair de Génie

Malmö fait dodo

Christophe Adam brings another addition to the Malmö family with a new log featuring a slumbering teddy bear. A bed of almond biscuit is covered with a light Madagascar vanilla ganache and a crunchy praline-pecan topping. Soft caramel and chocolate sprinkles make this original log even tastier.

Give your Christmas table the perfect log that will amaze your loved ones.

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