Discover the (Re)Store space at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. From accessible to luxury, come and explore the most beautiful second-hand pieces.

The [Re]Store space, dedicated to second-hand and responsible fashion

Designed in partnership with key players in second-hand market and more responsible design, this space offers a wide selection of unique pieces, a fashion and lifestyle offer from the GO FOR GOOD* selection, as well as unique [re]selling and [re]cycling services to give a second life to your old belongings.

*Launched by Galeries Lafayette in 2018, the GO FOR GOOD selection highlights products that have less impact on the environment, support local production or contribute to social development.

Second-hand partners

Crush On

CrushON is the online platform that brings together over a thousand professional second-hand clothing and accessory retailers to democratise vintage and offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

👔 Crush On takes back your old vintage pieces from before the 2000s.

Make an appointment here.

Culture Vintage

Culture Vintage carefully selects second-hand clothes and accessories from all over the world, with a special focus on “second hand Japan”. Each piece is unique, reflecting a particular moment in fashion, and some are transformed.


Entremains offers a selection of vintage and contemporary pieces with unique details, beautiful materials, comfort and style for sustainable everyday fashion. It revisits second-hand clothing as a first choice.

👖 Entremains takes back your old jeans and seasonal clothing, from accessible to luxury.

Get an estimate for your pieces and make an appointment by e-mail: [email protected].

Petite chineuse

Petite Chineuse was born out of a desire to share her passion for vintage with as many people as possible. The founder of Petite Chineuse has been scouring second-hand shops, backstreets and flea markets in Paris and beyond, unearthing forgotten treasures and offering them to you.

👗 Petite Chineuse takes back your old clothes and accessories.

Get an estimate for your pieces by email: [email protected].


Jaiio, the French premium second-hand platform, is a treasure trove of hand-picked pieces. Each item is checked and certified by specialists before being offered to you. Jaiio selects the finest brands, with quality items that are beyond reproach.

👚 You want to sell your items: go to JAIIO’s website to get an estimate.

Personal Seller

Launched in 2019, Personal Seller Paris is the first personal selling service for individuals. A turnkey service with beautiful second-hand designer fashion pieces and accessories, selected for their quality, beauty and price.

Multi-brand partners


Patine offers THE perfect, timeless wardrobe. Each piece, from the perfect white T-shirt to the perfect pair of jeans, is made from high-quality organic or recycled materials to last.


Handmade to order, MaisonCléo offers simple yet sophisticated pieces in fabrics sourced from fashion houses, designers and factories.

Pieces are limited depending on fabric availability.

In just a few years, MaisonCléo has built a solid reputation for its unique style and commitment.


From Tweeds sourced from the suppliers of major fashion houses to prints designed on fabrics recycled from plastic bottles, combines elegance and sustainability with French manufacturing.


Kamad Paris was built on two values shared by the four designers: eco-responsibility and upcycling. The brand’s founders make a point of using high-quality materials, such as recycled leathers and eco-friendly fabrics, to ensure the maximum durability of their creations.


AUD.REY is a brand of ready-to-wear clothing handmade in France. The name, Audrey, is a nod to the designer herself. The brand’s style is minimalist and timeless, moving away from ephemeral trends to create a wardrobe that is more sustainable and timeless over the years. The entire manufacturing process is designed to be more responsible: the fabrics come mainly from Europe and from dormant stocks. What’s more, each piece is made to order, reducing overproduction and unused stock. With AUD.REY, style and commitment make no compromises!

Bobo Paris

Bobo Paris imagines more sustainable fashion, with high standards for materials, logistics and garment workshops. The brand strives for the utmost transparency at every stage of production, so you only have to worry about creating your perfect wardrobe.

At Bobo Paris, the mission is to produce nothing from scratch, and all the pieces they develop are made from 100% recycled materials.

AGE Paris

Founded in 2020 by Eva Del Signore and Mégane Bregeon, ÂGE Paris is a more committed fashion brand offering premium, entirely upcycled clothing in Paris.

The brand offers small-batch pieces made from unsold materials, as well as one-off pieces made from upcycled garments, such as vintage blazers with beautiful materials brought up to date with striking cut details and accessories. ÂGE believes in fashion that is more sustainable and valued, with pieces that can be passed on like a family heirloom.

New services to create links

Would you like to sell the clothes and accessories you no longer wear? Come to the (RE)STORE GALERIES LAFAYETTE, our space dedicated to second-hand and responsible fashion, to take advantage of the (re)sale service offered by second-hand professionals. 

For all enquiries, please contact each of our partners to find out about their transaction terms and conditions and to make an appointment for an estimate

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