Lafayette Café

Cafeteria – Take Away

The Lafayette Café enjoys an amazing view over Paris and offers a delicious and varied selection of dishes at any time of day. For breakfast, come and sample our pastries that are baked on site with a freshly squeezed orange juice. For lunch, we open from 11am and you will be totally spoiled for choice. 


  • Grilled dishes, pasta
  • Hot dishes
  • Salads
  • Fresh fruit buffet
  • Sandwiches and bagels
  • Pizzas
  • Desserts, pastries and indulgent cakes
  • Wide selection of drinks


  • Homemade burgers
  • Caesar Salad

On the 6th floor of the Coupole 


All our restaurants can be privately booked for group lunches and receptions. 
For more information, please contact the sales department on +33 (0)1 70 60 19 82
[email protected]