Petrossian caviar

As a symbol of luxury and gastronomy, Petrossian is the French reference for exquisite seafood products.

Encompassing tradition and creativity, the Petrossian family business has been a reference in gourmet food since 1920. This prestigious French company offers a wide range of refined products: caviar, salmon, truffles, foie gras and vodka. All recipes are original Petrossian creations.

Petrossian salmon has been produced using the same smoking methods since 1930. The brand has developed various smoking and marinating recipes that have become emblematic, such as its signature smoked salmon, its unique Baltic salmon and its marinated salmon heart.

Caviar Royal is selected for its generous, powerful taste. Tsar Impérial caviar offers balanced intensity and a lingering taste. The Spécial Réserve caviar is unique: with its perfectly matured aromas, it is the most highly praised caviar. This wide range of caviar is the symbol of Petrossian excellence.

Expert advice :

For a first caviar tasting, you should opt for Daurenki Royal caviar. Its large bronze-colored grains and fairly firm texture, full of dried fruit flavors makes it a powerful caviar, an instant delight for all your guests.

Specialties :

La Coupe du Tsar is the renowned heart of beechwood-smoked salmon. Petrossian reinvents this classic recipe, adding the delicate, subtle notes of truffles. For caviar lovers, Baeri Baïka Royal caviar is the brand’s must-have. Discover all Petrossian specialties at the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Gourmet Store.

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