Steak Point by Le Bourdonnec

From butcher to plate, Steak Point by La Maison Le Bourdonnec invites you to embark on an intense culinary experience centred around meat.

High-quality meat

Looking for an authentic experience? Rediscover the taste of quality meat and visit la Maison Le Bourdonnec. This counter offers high-quality cuts of unique meats. From matured prime rib to free-range chicken or pork charcuterie, all products are of the highest standard. So, when it comes to your plate, good meat is not an afterthought.

The butcher’s promise

“No Black Angus US or smuggled holsteins, no masking sauces, no indigestible sides… Just meat, simply meat, a local seasonal vegetable, and the wine of your wildest fantasies…”

Meat specialities:

Steak of the day, meat tartares, Tenderloin, T-bone or Rib of matured beef, the menu features a selection of Le Bourdonnec’s finest products. Come along and sample the best quality meat you’ve ever tasted in a unique setting right at the heart of Lafayette Gourmet.

Gourmet Store – Lower ground floor