Rice Street by Quan Bai

Quan Bai, chef and founder of the Asian restaurants Panasia, introduces his new concept Rice Street on the first floor at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.

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Already established with its 5 establishments in France including Panasia. Quan Bai came to the first floor with a new bet by offering a culinary journey of discovery of all the Japanese specialities. 

The restaurant

Rice Street takes visitors on a tour of Japanese street food specialties, immersing them in the ambience of an Asian night market. The glass counters display a selection of dishes prepared onsite, which can be taken away or savoured in the restaurant’s 40-seat dining space, with its clean lines and minimalist decor.


The menu

On the menu, discoverthe gyoza – traditional Japanese dumplingskaraage chicken, various versions of the california roll and an assortment of sushi.

Mains range from chirashi and donburi to a selection of Quan Bai’s best nigiri creations. The menu also offers plenty of options for noodle-lovers – yakisoba, udon and two different homemade ramen recipes – as well as yakitori skewers for those who like their meat.

To complement this culinary journey to Japan, the Rice Street drinks menu lists hot, iced and Bubble teas in a wide variety of flavours (matcha, cinnamon, coconut, lychee, peach, lemon, mango and passion fruit) and, of course, a selection of sake – the perfect accompaniment for raw or semi-cooked fish.

All items on the menu are available as eat-in or take-away.

Le Gourmet’s New Cuisine 1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet. 

Opening Hours
Monday to Saterday from 9.30am to 9.30pm and Sunday and public holiday from 11am to 8pm
1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

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