Starving Club by Thibaut Spiwack

Michelin Green Star, Thibaut Spiwack opened his first Starving Club restaurant in spring 2022. At Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, He introduces his own version of the American street food. Options will also be available for breakfast and afternoon tea, in keeping with today’s nomadic lifestyle.


Top Chef contestant and Michelin Green Star recipient Thibault Spiwack opened his first restaurant – Starving Club – in spring 2022, bringing to Paris’s 15th arrondissement healthy, tasty and responsible street foods from around the globe. In the new dining space at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, the
Parisian chef unveils an exclusive Starving Club offshoot, dedicated entirely to he best of American street food.


With tiles covering the kitchen and counter and the option of bar or table seating, the authentic decor has a lively, urban feel. The menu includes a virtuous version of the iconic American burger, made with French meat and regionally-sourced produce. Two options are available: “Beef” with thyme and Comté cheese or “Pulled Pork” with veggies. Also on the menu is the chef’s latest take on the classic hot dog, where the sausage is flavoured with Espelette pepper, fennel seeds and roasted almonds. Starving Club sides include traditional or sweet potato cajun fries and the “Mac’n’chini”, a Mac & Cheese-style arancini with a gooey cheese centre and optional truffle flavouring. And for dessert, there’s the homemade Cookie Bomb. Options will also be available for breakfast and afternoon tea, in keeping with today’s nomadic lifestyle.

Thibault Spiwack is an advocate for “good, simple and responsible” cuisine. Eager to make the restaurant industry more sustainable, he banishes plastic, uses local ingredients and recycles organic waste. He also offers vegetarian options and makes every effort to eliminate waste. His responsible culinary creations are now available to visitors of the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet store, to eat onsite or take away.

All items on the menu are available as eat-in or take-away.

Le Gourmet’s New Cuisine 1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet. 

Opening Hours
Monday to Saterday from 9.30am to 9.30pm and Sunday and public holiday from 11am to 8pm
1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet