The restaurant Bagnard by Yoni Saada

Yoni Saada opened the first Bagnard restaurant in 2014 in the 2nd district of Paris. He realised a childhood dream by setting up his restaurant on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet. On the menu, find Mediterranean food.
Yoni Saada chef.

The Chef

Son and grandson of the oldest butcher in the Marais. Yoni Saada has always had one foot in the kitchen. After graduating from the Ferrandi school, he worked for several prestigious brigades such as Yannick Alleno at the Meurice hotel or his mentor Frédéric Anton at Pré Catelan 

Set up in 2014,  Yoni Saada and his wife Alexandra, Bagnard became Parisians’ go-to Mediterranean canteen in just a few months. 

Inspired by Street-Food culture, the chef decided to revamp one of his favourite sandwiches, Nice’s famous pan bagnat, and received high praise for his adaptation of the niçoise salad filling.

The méditerranéen restaurant

On the first floor of the Gourmet, Yoni Saada presente Bagnard, his Bistrot concept. Decorated with bouquets of immortelles and mimosa flowers, the bistro-style space seats up to 82 diners and exudes the warmth and generosity typical of Mediterranean cultures. The decor by interior design firm Notoire is colourful and authentic, with Camargue tiles on the floor, straw beach mats in the windows and decorative elements gleaned from Israel, Morocco and Tunisia. 

The menu 

Offering a fresh take on Bagnard classics. The menu includes a highly original praline hummus, a tuna-based tartare with truffle and harissa, an exclusive version of the chef’s iconic pan bagnat based on shawarma-style grilled chicken. For dessert, don’t miss the ice cream sundae with pistachio and orange blossom caramel sauce.

It features firm favourites: fried halloumi crisper than ever ! The fabulous “La Goulette-style Tunisian brik” made with tuna, potatoes, onion, parsley, harissa and free-range eggs.

To coincide with the opening of its new space at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, Bagnard is unveiling its first fine foods range, which includes olive oil, a harissa selection and a craft beer called “La Pieds Noirs”, flavoured with the Middle Eastern spice mix za’atar.

Le Gourmet’s New Cuisine 1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet.

Opening Hours
Monday to Saterday from 9.30am to 9.30pm and Sunday and public holiday from 11am to 8pm
1st floor of the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

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